About MKTurbo

MKTurbo LLC, is owned and operated by Lars Snead.

It is a one-man-shop, run by a guy who loves Miatas, out of his own garage.

Lars started MKTurbo to serve the budget oriented turbo market for all NA & NB Miatas. He spent years learning about and installing numerous turbo setups on his own Miatas as well as on various friends'. After some time serving the turbo miata community—figuring out what things you can do cheap, what corners not to cut, and the best way on a budget to boost a stock NA/NB motor—he applied his knowledge to design a setup that is reasonably priced, while offering an amazing amount of performance for the dollar.

All MKTurbo setups are hand-built by Lars Snead himself, in his garage, using steet-driven Miatas to ensure the best fitment possible—so each setup may be slightly unique in how it is built.

MKTurbo sources as many parts as possible from the USA: All flanges are made by a machine shop in Pittsburg, PA, all exhaust piping and v-band assemblies are sourced from Maryland, and all oil lines are sourced and made locally at a hydraulic shop in South Carolina

Contact MKturbos@gmail.com for more information or purchasing