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90-93 NA6 Turbo kit

The MK Turbo T3 budget DIY setup is a budget setup to boost 1.6L and 1.8L NA and NB miatas at a reasonable price. With three "stages" to choose from—The DIY Turbo KIt, The DIY Turbo w/intercooler kit, The Complete Turbo w/intercooler, injectors, & ECU—there is an option for everyone. Prices start at ${{ price.NA6DIY.reg }} shipped.

DIY Turbo Kit
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The MKTurbo NA6 DIY Turbo Kit is made for 90-93 Miatas withg the factory 1.6L still installed. It utilizes a log manifold that is AC and power steering compatible. The downpipe, mid pipe, and axle back are the same as the 1.8 NA setups to make future upgrades to a 1.8L engine easy.

Intercooled Kit
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The MKTurbo NA6 Intercooled Kit includes all the parts from the DIY Turbo Kit, plus a complete intercooler kit that still retains AC and power steering compatibility!

Complete Kit
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The MKTurbo NA6 Complete Kit includes all the parts from the Intercooled Kit, plus intake and fitler, Force Flow injectors, MS3PRO ECU, MKTurbo Oil Line Kit, and a Wideband o2 for a complete drive-away kit!